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Blog EconAcademia is the first weblog of Romanian Academic Economists, affiliated with universities or research institutes in Romania or abroad. Started by a small group of founding members in December 2014, the expectation is that over time it will gather many more, both permanent and occasional collaborators. For a list of the current members, please see the Authors’ Page. The vast majority of blog entries will be in Romanian; however, we do not rule out the occasional-  or guest-  post, in English. Blog EconAcademia is an initiative under the platform EconAcademia. For general updates and news concerning (Blog) EconAcademia, you can also follow us on Twitter.


Articles on Blog EconAcademia are the individual responsibility of their author(s). In particular, neither the other members of Blog EconAcademia, nor the universities/ institutes with which authors are affiliated, bear any accountability for the content of the blog entries.

Blog al Economistilor Romani din Mediul Academic